Saturday, April 13, 2019

Up the Long Ladder

TNG Season 2 Episode 18
Air Date: May 22nd, 1989


The Enterprise recieves a distress from an unknown Earth colony which is under threat of extinction due to large solar flares. The Enterprise arrives to find a colony of Irish descent that chose to live a more primitive simpler life. Once they are all transported to the Enterprise, including their animals, Picard learns that there was a second colony in a neighbouring system.

When they investigate they discover the other colony chose to embrace technology, but by the time they were able to survive on the planet they were down to 6 colonist. Since they were scientists, they decided to peruse cloning as an avenue of reproduction, but over time the DNA used to make new clones was wearing out. They first asked for DNA from the Enterprise crew which refused then they tried to steal it.

In the end, Picard suggests that the solution to their problem is to return to old ways of reproduction with their sister colony which needs a new home.


The choice to clone when reproduction wasn't a viable course of action is confusing to me. I know that as all life, reproduction is built into our very fiber, but in this situation it wouldn't have been horrible if the colony just fizzled out and died. Cloning seemed like an extreme course of action that would just lead to the same eventuality.


"I am fine." - Worf
"You're not fine, you fainted." - Doctor Pulaski
"I did not faint. Klingons do not faint." - Worf
"Excuse me, I'll rephrase. This Klingon suffered a dramatic drop in blood pressure, his blood glucose level dropped. There was deficient blood flow resulting from circulatory failure. In other words, he curled up his toes and lay unconscious on the floor." - Doctor Pulaski
"Doctor, there is no need to insult me." - Worf

"Every moment of pleasure in life has to be purchased by an equal moment of pain." - Danilo

"And what are you staring at? You never seen a woman before?" - Brenna
"I thought I had." - Riker

"You may have all the time in the world, but I've dozens of frightened and hungry children and women to look after." - Brenna
"And what about the men?" - Riker
"Well, I'm sure they'll find their comfort as they always do, in the bottom of a mug of home brew." - Brenna

"Madam, have you ever considered a career in Security?" - Worf
"If it's anything like babysitting, I'm an authority!" - Brenna

"One William Riker is unique, perhaps even special. But a hundred of him, a thousand of him... diminishes me in ways I can't even imagine." - Riker
"You would be preserving yourself." - Granger
"Human beings have other ways of doing that. We have children." - Riker

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