Sunday, April 14, 2019

Week Fifteen

This week went better then the last two. I was able to keep up pace, but am still over a month behind. This next week I have more time so I hope to double my episode count and catch up at least a week.


Measure of a Man: The episode where Data's rights are put on trial. Some great acting with a great speech from Picard at the end. Probably a top 10 of all Star Trek episodes.
The Royale: The Enterprise finds a structure on a toxic planet that exists in a bubble. The structure is the casino and hotel The Royale, based on a fictional book of the same name. It is a silly but fun episode.
Pen Pals: Emotional episode that deals with if the Prime Directive is worth breaking and if so, what would be the conditions.
Q Who: Introduction to the Borg.

Red Shirts

There were a bunch of deaths in this weeks episodes, most at the hand of the Borg, but none were identified so I can't define what category they would be in.


TNG S2E6: The Schizoid Man
TNG S2E7: Unnatural Selection
TNG S2E8: A Matter of Honor
TNG S2E9: The Measure of a Man
TNG S2E10: The Dauphin
TNG S2E11: Contagion
TNG S2E12: The Royale
TNG S2E13: Time Squared
TNG S2E14: The Icarus Factor
TNG S2E15: Pen Pals
TNG S2E16: Q Who
TNG S2E17: Samaritan Snare
TNG S2E18: Up the Long Ladder

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