Sunday, April 7, 2019

Week Fourteen

Another low count week which puts me one month behind in my viewing. I am one quarter into the year this week so I have a lot of time left that I can use to catch up, but if I don't start catching up soon I could have an insurmountable mountain of episodes to watch.

This week started going back to watch the Star Trek pilot The Cage. I was expecting it to have more content then what they showed in The Menagerie but other then two scenes at the end, it was used in it's entirety.

I also started my weekly video game stream on where I played the first four chapters of the game Star Trek: 15th anniversary. Here is the replay of the session.

Other then The Cage and Loud as a Whisper, every episode I watched this week I really enjoyed and I would recommend it be watched.

TOS S1E0: The Cage
TNG S2E1: The Child

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