Sunday, April 28, 2019

Week Seventeen

April 21st - April 27th

Another big week. Watched 20 episodes finishing season 3 and getting a third of the way into season 4. I have fallen behind in my write ups of the episodes and even this weeks summary. Because of this, I am going to slow down on week nineteen and try to just do the needed 14 episodes so I can catch up on the writing side.

TNG is getting into it's prime. A few of my favorite episodes came up this week.


Sins of the Father: Worf meets his brother whom he didn't know he had and goes to Kronos to fight for his family name.
Captain's Holiday: Captain Picard visits Risa for a vacation where he meets Vash.
Hollow Pursuits: Barclay and his holo fantasies
Sarek: Sarek mind melds with Picard to suppress his emotions. Plays a big part in the episode to come Reunification.
Best of Both Worlds: My favorite Star Trek episode. Second encounter with the Borg where Picard becomes Locutus.
Family: Aftermath of the Borg encounter. Picard making up with his brother, which has significance with the first TNG movie Generations.
Brothers: Data and Lore meet their father, Dr. Noonien Soong
Remember Me: One of my favorites. Doctor Crusher gets stuck in a static warp bubble. Return of the Traveler.
Reunion: Worf finds out he has a son. Picard must pick a Klingon worthy of leading the Klingon High Council.

Red Shirts

No crew deaths were seen on screen in these episodes.


TNG S3E17: Sins of the Father
TNG S3E18: Allegiance
TNG S3E19: Captain's Holiday
TNG S3E20: Tin Man
TNG S3E21: Hollow Pursuits
TNG S3E22: The Most Toys
TNG S3E23: Sarek
TNG S3E24: Ménage à Troi
TNG S3E25: Transfigurations
TNG S3E26: The Best of Both Worlds, Part I
TNG S4E1: The Best of Both Worlds, Part II
TNG S4E2: Family
TNG S4E3: Brothers
TNG S4E4: Suddenly Human
TNG S4E5: Remember Me
TNG S4E6: Legacy
TNG S4E7: Reunion
TNG S4E8: Future Imperfect
TNG S4E9: Final Mission
TNG S4E10: The Loss

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