Sunday, April 21, 2019

Week Sixteen

This week was a big week. I had some time off so I was able to catch up a bit. I started the week with the fifth movie, The Final Frontier and was able to watch 20 episodes of TNG. I am starting to get into a binge mode too where I want to watch them two or three in a row.


I watched a lot of episodes so there are few more recommendations then usual.

The Emissary: We finally get to see a little bit into Worf's history outside of the Klingon Empire. An important episode for what is to come.
Peak Performance: Riker vs Picard, need I say more?
The Ensigns of Command: Picard trying to figure out how to stop the slaughter of a lost Federation colony by using legal loop holes. Even if you dislike the episode watching him hang up on the Sheliak makes it worth it.
The Survivors: The Enterprise meets a being that could be more powerful the Q. Thankfully he isn't a jerk.
Who Watches the Watchers: An episode where it shows the cost of interference with an undeveloped culture and how it can effect their society.
Booby Trap: Geordi falls in love. Enterprise falls into a pretty cool booby trap.
The Defector: The tactics Picard employs in this episode to outsmart the Romulans reminded me a lot of The Original Series episode Balance of Terror
The Hunted: The episode has a few segments where a genetically engineered soldier is trying to escape from the Enterprise. It was fun to watch it play out. You almost want to cheer for him instead of the Enterprise crew.
Deja Q: Best Q episode. So many good quotes.
Yesterday's Enterprise: Denise Crosby's return to Star Trek. Seeing the Enterprise in a time of war was an interesting twist.
The Offspring: Data has a daughter. This episode had me in tears at the end.

Red Shirts

An even split this time. In the episode The High Ground, a red shirt and a gold shirt were killed when they terrorist used their inter-dimensional transporter to infiltrate the Enterprise. In the Bonding, the episode is centered around the death of a science officer during an away mission.


TOS Movie 5: The Final Frontier
TNG S2E19: Manhunt
TNG S2E20: The Emissary
TNG S2E21: Peak Performance
TNG S2E22: Shades of Gray
TNG S3E1: Evolution
TNG S3E2: The Ensigns of Command
TNG S3E3: The Survivors
TNG S3E4: Who Watches the Watchers
TNG S3E5: The Bonding
TNG S3E6: Booby Trap
TNG S3E7: The Enemy
TNG S3E8: The Price
TNG S3E9: The Vengeance Factor
TNG S3E10: The Defector
TNG S3E11: The Hunted
TNG S3E12: The High Ground
TNG S3E13: Déjà Q
TNG S3E14: A Matter of Perspective
TNG S3E15: Yesterday's Enterprise
TNG S3E16: The Offspring

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