Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Captive Pursuit

DS9 Season 1 Episode 5
Air Date: January 31st, 1993

The first alien to come through the wormhole, named Tosk. He befriends Chief O'Brien while his ship is being repaired but gets thrown in the brig while trying to steal weapons. But soon after, another ship comes through the wormhole, specifically to hunt Tosk. But when they find Tosk in custody they decide he isn't worth hunting.

Tosk is a hero to the hunters and while we might see it as cruel, to Tosk that is his purpose of living. Chief O'Brien can't stand to see Tosk taken away on a leash so he helps Tosk escape, starting the hunt again.

The episode shows that the technology of aliens in the gamma quadrant is superior to the Federation. Not by much but they able to take direct phaser blasts on stun with minimal effect.


"As the Vulcans say, we're here to serve." - Chief O'Brien

"You know the old saying, a man who's always looking over his shoulder is waiting for trouble to find him." - Chief O'Brien

"Hey, barkeep!" - Chief O'Brien
"Don't call me barkeep! I'm not a barkeep! I'm your host, the proprietor, a sympathetic ear to the wretched souls who pass through these portals." - Quark
"And a man who will exploit any vice you may have. Two synthales, barkeep." - Chief O'Brien

"Security reports a fight in the Promenade. Here. Apparently O'Brien set him loose." - Major Kira
"I'm showing someone in an access conduit above Quark's. Two lifeforms. One's human. They're heading out toward the docking ring." - Lt. Dax
"I'll seal off the adjoining corridors. They won't get far." - Const. Odo
"Constable. There's no hurry." - Cmdr. Sisko

"You ignored your duty to Starfleet, you took off your com-badge so you can ignore me; you even ignored the Prime Directive by interfering with their damned hunt. Another stunt like this, and your wife won't have to complain about the conditions here anymore, do I make myself clear?" - Cmdr. Sisko
"I understand. I was surprised by one thing, sir." - Chief O'Brien
"What's that?" - Cmdr. Sisko
"I knew I couldn't override all the security seals on the station, and I figured once you and the Constable located us, well, it'd be over. We'd find ourselves locked behind some forcefield somewhere." - Chief O'Brien
"I guess that one got by us." - Cmdr. Sisko
"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." - Chief O'Brien

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