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DS9 Season 1 Episode 7
Air Date: February 14th, 1993

A Klaestron bounty hunter shows up on DS9 and tries to kidnap her, but is stopped. He makes the claim that Dax is a criminal and the Federation must release her to his authority. Sisko uses the fact that DS9 is a Bajoran station to force a hearing. Only Dax doesn't want to resist even though the punishment for her crimes of treason and murder of Ardelon Tandro is death on Klaestron IV.

While the hearing is happening, Odo travels to Klaestron IV to investigate and discovers that Curzon Dax and the Ardelon's wife was having an affair when Ardelon was killed. He also learns that that Ardelon was the traitor which is what got him killed. But Jadzia Dax wanted to protect Ardelon's memory since his treason was unknown and he became a hero to his people.


"This will be an informal hearing, so I'm going to start with some informal advice: I am one hundred years old. I do not have time to squander listening to superfluous language. In short, I intend to be in here until supper, not senility." - Renora

"My husband was not the hero in life that he was in death, Mr. Odo. In death, he became a legend, and I became a legend's wife. There're people who didn't even know my husband, who still contact me. Decades after his death, they still mourn him.

"But you don't?" - Const. Odo
"No. Because I knew the man before he became a legend. But I also know my place in history. My place is to carry on bravely, never to remarry, to represent my husband at the banquets given in his name, but never, never to talk about who he really was. Because nobody wants to hear that." - Enina Tandro
"They may have to hear it now." - Const. Odo

"When one of my kind stumbles, Benjamin, it is a mistake that's there forever. I can't tell you which part of Curzon Dax couldn't stop himself from acting shamefully with another man's wife. I can tell you that he did love her, for whatever that's worth." - Lt. Dax
"Enough to kill her husband?" - Cmdr. Sisko
"So you are questioning?" - Lt. Dax

"Lieutenant Dax, you are either 200 years older than I am or you're about the same age as my great granddaughter. At first I wondered which of those you were; now I am bothered by the likelihood that you may be both." - Renora

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