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DS9 Season 1 Episode 1 and 2
Air Date: January 3rd, 1993

Bajor, a planet that was oppressed by the Cardassian for 60 years finally overthrows their oppressors. But the Bajoran's military and fleet is much weaker then the Cardassian and they request assistance from the Federation. The Federation takes command of the Cardassian mining station Terok Nor renaming it to Deep Space Nine.

Captain Sisko and his son arrive on station with Chief O'Brien and his wife and daughter. They start repairing the station which was stripped down by the Cardassians before they left when Sisko is asked to meet with the Bajoran spiritual leader Kai Opaka. She shows him an orb of the Prophets, the Bajoran gods which shows him the past. He is tasked to find the celestial temple, the home of the Prophets. When Lt. Dax and Doctor Bashir arrive on station, Lt. Dax is tasked to research the orb. She discovers a pattern of where the orbs were found and when they go out looking they discover a wormhole to the gamma quadrant.

This wormhole is the celestial temple and Sisko negotiates with the Prophets to be able to use the wormhole. He becomes the emissary of the Prophets to the Bajoran people.

Red Shirts

In the beginning of the episode, Lt. Cmdr Sisko is at Wolf 359 fighting the Borg. On the bridge we see 5 officers die. I was able to run it in slow motion and identify 3 red shirts and 2 gold.


"It's been a long time, Captain." - Cmdr. Sisko
"Have we met before?" - Captain Picard
"Yes sir, we met in battle. I was on the Saratoga at Wolf 359." - Cmdr. Sisko

"Oh, this will be perfect, real frontier medicine!" - Doctor Bashir
"Frontier medicine?" - Major Kira
"Major, I had my choice of any job in the Fleet." - Doctor Bashier
"Did you?" - Major Kira
"I didn't want some cushy job or a research grant. I wanted this, the farthest reaches of the galaxy, one of the most remote outposts available. This is where the adventure is. This is where heroes are made. Right here, in the wilderness."
"This wilderness is my home." - Major Kira

"Excuse my presumption, but this was my office only two weeks ago. I'm not used to being on this side of the desk. I'll be honest with you, Commander. I miss this office. I was not happy to leave it." - Gul Dukat
"Drop by any time you're feeling homesick." - Cmdr. Sisko
"Allow me to assure you that we only want to be helpful in this difficult transition. You're far from the Federation fleet, alone in this remote outpost, with poor defense systems. Your Cardassian neighbors will be quick to respond to any problems you might have." - Gul Dukat
"We'll try to keep the dog off your lawn." - Cmdr. Sisko

"You don't think Starfleet took command of this space station without the ability to defend it, do you?" - Major Kira
"Defend it? Your space station could not defend itself against one Cardassian warship." - Gul Jasad
"You're probably right, Jasad. And if you were dealing with a Starfleet officer, they'd probably admit, we have a hopeless cause here. But I am just a Bajoran, who's been fighting a hopeless cause against the Cardassians all her life. So if you want a war, I'll give you one!" - Major Kira
"Major, remind me never to get into a game of Roladan Wild Draw with you." - Chief O'Brien

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