Friday, May 17, 2019

New Ground

TNG Season 5 Episode 10
Air Date: January 6th, 1992

The Enterprise is helping some scientist with a new form of space travel that would not require warp engines. Instead a craft would effectively surf a soliton wave across space between two worlds. But when they test the wave, it causes the test craft to explode and starts increasing in velocity and power. The Enterprise overtakes the wave and uses a spread of photon torpedoes to dissipate the wave before it reaches the destination planet which it could have destroyed. The technology needs some time to bake.

Meanwhile, Worf's mother visits with Alexander but she tells Worf that they are getting too old to raise him and that he needs to move back with his father. During the episode Worf gets overwhelmed with responsibilities that start to interfere with his work. Alexander starts showing very negative tendencies such as lying, stealing and even bullying. Worf has no experience as a parent and relies on Counselor Troi to help. In the end she reveals he is acting out because he feels abandoned.

During the soliton wave incident a biology lab has a fire while Alexander is in it. Worf and Riker rush to save him, and Worf uses near superhuman strength to free him. It was a bonding moment between Worf and Alexander.


"I apologize for being late Captain. I was detained in school." - Lt. Worf

"Warp without warp drive." - Captain Picard
"They're gonna put you out of a job, Geordi." - Cmdr. Riker
"I hope so, Commander." - Lt. Cmdr. La Forge

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