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TNG Season 6 Episode 7
Air Date: November 2nd, 1993

Rendezvousing to the Enterprise via shuttle, Captain Picard, Ensign Ro, Keiko and Guinan get caught in some energy field. The Enterprise is able to get to them before the shuttle explodes but when they rematerialize in the transporter room, they appear as young teenagers.

While Doctor Crusher and Lt. Cmdr. La Forge try to figure out what is causing this, two Klingon birds of prey decloak and bring the Enterprise to it's knees. Only when the Enterprise is boarded, it is the Ferengi. They had lured the Enterprise to a system where there was mining profits to be made.

They transport all adults down to the surface to start mining but leave the children in the school. Of course this includes the four from the shuttle accident. They use the fact that they know the ship and that the Ferengi think they are children to take back the ship.

The actor David Birkin that played the young Picard was the same actor that played his Nephew in the episode Family.


"There must've been some part of childhood that you didn't loathe." - Guinan
"Look, it was a long, depressing period of my life and I was grateful when it was finally over. I'd rather not relive it." - Laren
"I bet you were a jumper. A jumper. You know, someone who jumped up and down on furniture all the time." - Guinan
"What?" - Laren
"You were a jumper all right. The quiet ones, they always look so innocent. You think you can turn your back on them. Next thing you know, bam! They're bouncing on the bed." - Guinan
"That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Most of the time I didn't even have a bed." - Laren
"Ah but you did have one sometimes and I bet you jumped on it." - Guinan
"I most certainly did not." - Laren
"Yeah I can see it in your eyes. You can barely resist the urge to leap up and start jumping around like a Tarkassian razorbeast." - Guinan

"I need to see my father." - Jean-Luc
"Go back inside." - Berik
"I need to see him right now." - Jean-Luc
"Do not argue with me. Go back inside." - Berik
"I need to see him now! Now now now now now now now! Stop it! You've hurt me! I want my father! I want my father!" - Jean-Luc

"Can't you just turn on the kid's computer in schoolroom eight? We just want to play a few games." - Jean-Luc
"I don't know if they'll let me do that, Jean-Luc, but I will ask." - Cmdr. Riker
"Thanks, Number One. He's my number one Dad." - Jean-Luc

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