Saturday, May 4, 2019

Redemption: Part I

TNG Season 4 Episode 26
Air Date: June 17th, 1991

In the fourth season finale, Captain Picard continues his duties as arbiter of succession where he must declare who is qualified to be the next Klingon chancellor. But when Gowron is about to be named chancellor, the son of Duras shows up with Duras's sisters who make a claim to the title. This puts the Klingon empire into civil war.

Worf is able to convince Gowron that his father is not a traitor and that it is actually Duras that was the traitor. At the end of the episode, Lt. Worf asks Captain Picard for an extended leave of absence but Picard denies it since Federation officers can't be involved in a foreign governments war. Worf resigns his commission.

At the end of the episode, they reveal who the Romulan female we heard two episodes ago as a Romulan who looks very much like Lt. Tasha Yar.


"You know, I had a bet with the Captain that I could make you laugh before you became lieutenant commander." - Guinan
"Not a good bet today." - Lt. Worf
"I've seen you laugh. I like it." - Guinan
"Klingons do not laugh." - Lt. Worf
"Oh, yes, they do. Absolutely they do. You don't. But I've heard Klingon belly laughs that'd curl your hair." - Guinan

"Mister Worf, your responsibilities as a Starfleet officer are incompatible with remaining on board a Klingon ship during a time of war." - Captain Picard
"Captain." - Lt. Worf
"I order you to return to duty at once." - Captain Picard
"Then I resign my commission as a Starfleet officer." - Lt. Worf

"We should not discount Jean-Luc Picard yet. He is Human; and Humans have a way of showing up when you least expect them." - Sela

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