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Redemption: Part II

TNG Season 5 Episode 1
Air Date: September 23rd, 1991

The second part to the Klingon civil war between the Duras family and Gowron. Worf is fighting along side his brother Kurn in the war which Gowron is slowly losing. It seems the Duras family is being provided supplies faster then Gowron can destroy them which eventually will lead to Gowron's defeat.

Captain Picard suspects this and convinces Starfleet to let him take 23 ships to the border of Klingon and Romulan space to create a sensor net that will let them detect cloaked ships that could be trying to cross into Klingon space. The ships are mostly running skeleton crews since the Federation is still recovering from the Borg attack, but the goal isn't combat but to expose the Romulans. Picard believes that if discovered, the Romulan's would retreat and the Duras family will lose their support.

The Romulan's play a wild card. Commander Sela hails the Enterprise. She demands the Federation leaves the border and gives them 20 hours. During this wait we learn that Sela is Tasha Yar's daughter. She went back in time from the episode Yesterday's Enterprise and was captured by the Romulans. She was saved by a Romulan that fell for her and when Sela was a small child, she tried to escape which led to her death.

Before the time is up, the Romulans discover a way to create a natural hole in the net but Data figures out the counter using photon torpedoes and the Romulan's are discovered. Without the Romulan supplies, the Duras family surrenders.

Back at the Klingon home world Gowron is named chancellor and gives Duras's sons life to Worf. He chooses to spare it and let him live in disgrace. Worf returns to duty on the Enterprise.


"Excuse me, sir. I'd like to request a transfer." - Lt. Cmdr. Hobson
"May I ask why?" - Lt. Cmdr. Data
"I don't believe I'd be a good first officer for you." - Lt. Cmdr. Hobson
"Your service record to date suggests you would perform that function adequately." - Lt. Cmdr. Data
"No, no, no, that's not what I mean. I don't think I'd be a good first officer for you." - Lt. Cmdr. Hobson
"Why?" - Lt. Cmdr. Data
"Frankly, sir, I don't believe in your ability to command this ship. You're a fellow officer and I respect that, but no one would suggest that a Klingon would be a good ship's counselor or that a Berellian could be an engineer; they're just not suited for those positions. By the same token, I don't think an android is a good choice to be captain." - Lt. Cmdr Hobson
"I understand your concerns. Request denied." - Lt. Cmdr. Data

"One night, when I was four years old, she came to me. She bundled me up, and she told me to stay quiet as we left the compound. I realized she was taking me away. She was taking me away from my home, my father. So I cried out. My father offered her life; he gave her a home; he gave her a child, and how did she repay him? By betrayal. They executed her! Everything in me that was Human died that day with my mother. All that's left now is Romulan. Never doubt that." - Sela

"The Duras family will one day rule the Empire!" - Toral
"Perhaps. But not today." - Gowron

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