Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Next Generation: Season Five

Finished Season 4. This season had a few major events happen that were outside of the show itself. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country came out in theatres. And we lost the creator of Star Trek himself, Gene Roddenberry.

When I watched the first season of Star Trek TNG, I knew it was the worst of the series but once I got through it I felt that it was underrated, and I do stand by that assessment. But it wasn't that the first season was horrible (there were a few episodes that fit that description but not most) but rather that the show just keeps getting better.

Season 5 is the best yet and if memory serves may be the best overall. There are serious episodes like Darmok, Inner Light and Ethics. Plot development episodes like Unification and Redemption Part II. Fun episodes like the Game,Cause and Effect and Disaster. 19 of the 26 episodes of the season I have marked as recommended episodes that I feel everyone should watch in my weekly summaries.

Red Shirts

Only one Starfleet Officer died on screen in uniform this season and she was wearing red.

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