Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Next Generation: Season Four

Finished season 4. The cast and writers are in full gear now with some great episodes. Staring with the second half of my favorite episode Best of Both Worlds, Remember Me, Data's Day, Brothers and finishing with the Klingons going to civil war and Worf resigning.

Lt. Worf

Earlier in the season the Klingon chancellor dies and we learn that Worf has as son. His mate K'Ehleyr is killed in the episode. The season ends with Worf fighting to get his family honor returned but also to help the Klingon empire survive a civil war between the Duras family and Gowron.


I noticed something interesting about Data in the past season or two. He started whispering a lot. If you watch episodes in season 1, he is always very loud almost shouting but in season 4 when he answers questions it sometimes is barely audible. I believe it is Brent Spinner trying to make Data seem less emotional then he did in the first few seasons.

There were three episodes focused around Data specifically. He meets Dr. Noonian Soong, we see a day in his life and he gets a girlfriend.

Wesley Crusher

Wesley goes off to Starfleet Academy during this season. We will see him in 2 or 3 more episodes in the future but he officially leaves the show.

Red Shirts

Only one death was shown on screen of a Starfleet officer this season. It was a red shirt who fell through the floor when it phased out of our reality for a second.

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