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TNG Season 5 Episode 12
Air Date: February 3rd, 1992

The Enterprise is transporting a delegation of Ullians, Inad, Tarmin, and Tarmin's son Jev, who have the ability to help people recall memories that they have mostly forgotten. Only people on the Enterprise start experiencing negative emotions followed by going into a coma that lasts a few days. Troi experiences a memory with Riker where Riker forces himself onto her. Riker has a memory where a containment breach forces him to close the engineering doors dooming an engineer that couldn't get out in time to his death. Finally Picard has the memory of taking Doctor Crusher to identify the remains of her husband Jack Crusher.

In each of these memories one of the characters is replaced by Jev. When confronted Tarmin denies that they could be involved and storms out while his son believes he can dig into their memories to find out what happens. But when he reveals the memory, Tarmin replaces Jev. But Data and Geordi were doing research in parallel and discovered that on all the planets the Ullians went to, the only common denominator is Jev.

The abilities that the Ullians posses are a parallel to sex. If it is consensual it can be a wonderful experience but when forced upon someone it can be extremely traumatic. The episode even used the term rape to describe what Jev did.


"Klingons do not allow themselves to be, probed." - Lt. Worf

"It's been three centuries since we treated anyone for this... this form of rape. But there are medical records from that era. It was a time of great violence for my people, a time we thought we had put far behind us. That this could happen now, It's unimaginable." - Tarmin

"Earth was once a violent planet, too. At times, the chaos threatened the very fabric of life, but, like you, we evolved. We found better ways to handle our conflicts. But I think no one can deny that the seed of violence remains within each of us. We must recognize that. Because that violence is capable of consuming each of us, as it consumed your son." - Captain Picard

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