Sunday, May 5, 2019

Week Eighteen

April 28th - May 4th

This week was a bit shorter then the last. Got through 16 episodes. Unfortunately I am very far behind on my write ups so I am planning to take things a bit slower the next week so I can catch up. I should be able to go back to full speed the week after. I was able to finish the week with the season 4 finale where the Klingon Empire goes to civil war.


Data's Day: A day in the life of Lt. Cmdr. Data
The Wounded: First episode with the Cardasians.
Devil's Due: Picard defends a whole planet against the devil.
Galaxy's Child: The Enterprise becomes a mother to a space creature.
The Nth Degree: Barclay gets probed by an alien craft and becomes a super genius
Qpid: Q brings the bridge crew to Sherwood Forest where Picard/Robin Hood must rescue Vash/Maid Marion.
The Drumhead: The crew of the Enterprise is put on trial as Romulan conspirators.
Half a Life: Luxanna Troi fights for the life of a man who must commit suicide when he turns 60.
The Redemption Part 1: The Klingon Empire goes falls into civil war.


TNG S4E11: Data's Day
TNG S4E12: The Wounded
TNG S4E13: Devil's Due
TNG S4E14: Clues
TNG S4E15: First Contact
TNG S4E16: Galaxy's Child
TNG S4E17: Night Terrors
TNG S4E18: Identity Crisis
TNG S4E19: The Nth Degree
TNG S4E20: Qpid
TNG S4E21: The Drumhead
TNG S4E22: Half a Life
TNG S4E23: The Host
TNG S4E24: The Mind's Eye
TNG S4E25: In Theory
TNG S4E26: Redemption: Part I

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