Sunday, May 26, 2019

Week Twenty One

May 19th - 25th

Back into catch up mode. I was able to watch 19 episodes this week finishing TNG season 5 and a third of season 6. TNG is in it's prime now. 14 of the 19 episodes I watched are on my recommended list.

Next week I am going to start watching DS9 along side the rest of TNG.

The Math

I added a new column to my spreadsheet to help me keep track of how behind I am. I was able to do a general visual check based on the row number but now I know how many days behind I am. Before the change I had one column that would determine what day the episode should have been watched on and the next column was the day I actually watched the episode on. With a simple subtraction of the two, I am left with the number of days behind (or ahead) I am. As an example, on May 19th I watched The Outcast, which I was supposed to watch on April 16th, which means I am -33 days. At the end of this week I am at -30 days so I caught up 3 days.


The Outcast: Riker falls for a scientist from a gender neutral society.
Cause and Effect: The Enterprise gets into a causality loop ending with it's destruction.
The First Duty: Wesley Crusher is in a piloting accident which leads to a hearing to determine what really happened. Wesley's second last episode.
I, Borg: La Forge befriends a Borg.
The Next Phase: La Forge and Ro end up cloaked and out of phase with everyone else.
The Inner Light: Picard lives half a life time in 30 minutes. One of the best all time Star Trek episodes.
Time's Arrow: The crew go back in time and meet Mark Twain. Not everyone likes this one but I enjoy it.
Realm of Fear: Barclay overcomes his fear of transporters. Recommended to anyone with serious phobias.
Relics: The return of Montgomery Scott. And it has a Dyson sphere.
Schisms: The crew of the Enterprise get abducted by aliens.
Rascals: Picard as a teenager, aka poetic justice.
A Fistful of Datas: So many Datas. And it is in the old west.
The Quality of Life: A continuation of the "Are robots/androids alive" debate.

Red Shirts

One gold shirt died in the episode Schisms.


TNG S5E17: The Outcast
TNG S5E18: Cause and Effect
TNG S5E19: The First Duty
TNG S5E20: Cost of Living
TNG S5E21: The Perfect Mate
TNG S5E22: Imaginary Friend
TNG S5E23: I, Borg
TNG S5E24: The Next Phase
TNG S5E25: The Inner Light
TNG S5E26: Time's Arrow, Part I
TNG S6E1: Time's Arrow, Part II
TNG S6E2: Realm of Fear
TNG S6E3: Man of the People
TNG S6E4: Relics
TNG S6E5: Schisms
TNG S6E6: True Q
TNG S6E7: Rascals
TNG S6E8: A Fistful of Datas
TNG S6E9: The Quality of Life

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