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TNG Season 7 Episode 8
Air Date: November 8th, 1993

Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher are beaming down to the planet Kesprytt to meat with the Kes. The meeting is to determine if the Kes are ready to join the Federation. It is a unique situation since the Kes share the planet with another group called the Prytt who are a reclusive faction that want nothing to do with outsiders. Normally the Federation wouldn't even consider a planet that hasn't at a minimum created a world government but the Kes are starting to venture out into the stars and are ready to join.

But in mid transport, Picard and Crusher are intercepted by the Prytt who think the Federation is allying themselves with the Kes to take over the Prytt. They install a neural link in Picard and Crusher which seams to be a normal process for prisoners. A Kes spy helps them escape and tells them to head to the Kes border. As they make their way there, they start to hear each other's thoughts through the link. By the end of the episode they are able to communicate fully through thought almost as one entity.

Riker is able to work with the Kes to rescue Picard and Crusher but in doing so learned the the Kes are a paranoid people, always concerned that the Prytt are going to attack and are not ready to join the Federation.

The episode is the first episode that really looks into the relationship between Picard and Crusher. Before hand there was a lot of innuendo but always seemed to be friendly. In this episode we learn that Picard always had feelings for Crusher, even when Jack was still alive but he hid them because of his friendship with Jack. Even after Jack died, he always felt like it would be betraying his friendship. The episode ends with Picard and Crusher kissing but Crusher stopping it.


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist." - Doctor Crusher
"I'm beginning to realize that you always seem to have some acerbic remark on the tip of your tongue." - Captain Picard
"Well, at least I've trained myself not to say it anymore." - Doctor Crusher

"This way." - Captain Picard
"You don't really know, do you?" - Doctor Crusher
"What?" - Captain Picard
"I mean, you're acting like you know exactly which way to go, but you're only guessing. Do you do this all the time?" - Doctor Crusher
"No, but there are times when it is necessary for a captain to give the appearance of confidence." - Captain Picard

"We still plan to apply for membership, Commander! We will go directly to the Federation Council, they will listen to us!" - Mauric
"They will also listen to the reports of the Captain of the Enterprise and his First Officer! And I can tell you right now the First Officer's report will go something like this. Kesprytt, a deeply troubled world with social, political, and military problems they have yet to resolve. The Kes, while a friendly and democratic people, are driven by suspicion, deviousness, and paranoia. It is the opinion of this officer they are not ready for membership." - Cmdr. Riker

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