Friday, June 7, 2019

Battle Lines

DS9 Season 1 Episode 12
Air Date: April 25th, 1993

Kai Opaka arrives unexpectedly on DS9 and asks for a tour. While on the tour she focuses on the wormhole so Cmdr. Sisko, Major Kira and Doctor Bashir takes her through the wormhole. But as they arrive in the gamma quadrant they detect a distress signal and when they investigate it, they find a planet surrounded by satellites. One of the satellites attacks the runabout and they crash land on the planet.

Kai Opaka dies, but very quickly they discover that the planet has healing factors and Opaka comes back to life. The planet is used as a prison colony where two factions formed. Each faction is constantly fighting each other but since death is not possible, they fight, die and come back to fight again.

Cmdr Sisko tries to create a peace and suggests that they can be rescued from this planet, only Doctor Bashir discovers that anyone who has died on this planet will die if they leave. This means Opaka must remain, but she tells Kira and Sisko that this was her destiny and the will of the prophets.


"What's going on?" - Doctor Bashir
"Talks about a ceasefire." - Cmdr. Sisko
"No kidding! How'd you arrange that?" - Doctor Bashir
"I told them we'd transport them off this moon." - Cmdr. Sisko
"Isn't that a bit like assisting a jailbreak?" - Doctor Bashir
"I don't need you to interpret the Prime Directive for me, Doctor." - Cmdr. Sisko

"I'm sorry, Commander, but I've discovered we can't afford to die here, not even once!" - Doctor Sisko

"You give us a way to reprogram these microbes and we'll put an end to this war." - Shel-la
"You really think the fear of death will end the fighting? It never has in any other war." - Major Kira

"I didn't know how or why, but when we came through the wormhole, I knew I wouldn't be returning. You must tell our people, Kira, that I have answered the call of the Prophets. I was brought here because it is time for these people to begin their healing process, just as you were brought here to begin yours." - Kai Opaka

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