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DS9 Season 2 Episode 5
Air Date: October 24th, 1993

A Cardassian teenager arrives on Deep Space Nine accompanied by his adoptive father, a Bajoran. Garek takes interest and after he is attacked by the boy, he informs the Cardassian command of the situation. Gul Dukat shows up and asks the boy is returned to Cardassia. They discover his father was a Cardassian senator.

The episode largely follows the relationship between Doctor Bashir and Garek. Garek uses metaphors to try to help Bashir understand the interstices of politics and espionage eventually leading Bashir to the conclusion that Gul Dukat purposefully left the Cardassian boy behind when evacuating Bajor.


"There's nothing quite so depressing as a winning streak that won't stop streaking." - Quark

"So, you deduced that Garak thinks Dukat is lying about something you're not sure of, and you proceeded to interrupt my conversation to confront him about whatever that might be." - Cmdr Sisko
"I'm sorry, Commander. It just seemed an opportune" - Doctor Bashir
"Don't apologize. It's been the high point of my day. Don't do it again." - Cmdr. Sisko

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