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Dark Page

TNG Season 7 Episode 7
Air Date: November 1st, 1993

The final episode we see Lwaxana Troi on TNG. The ambassador is working with a species that communicates solely through telepathy that is in talks to join the Federation. She is teaching them how to communicate vocally so they can work with other planets. Communicating entirely telepathically has a toll on Lwaxana and she ends up slipping into a coma. They use telepathy to enter into Lwaxana's mind where they eventually discover that she had been keeping a secret. Deanna Troi had an older sister who drowned when Deanna was very young.

The episode hit me harder then I remember it did. The thought of a parent losing a child is a haunting thought, and with Lwaxana feeling like it was her fault, that she had looked away and wasn't paying close enough attention. The episode ends with Deanna asking her mother to tell her about her sister.

Kirsten Dunst was a guest star in this episode. It was her sixth role shortly before her breakout role in Interview with the Vampire.


"Help me. Help me, Papa." - Kestra
"Here." - Cmdr. Ian Troi
"Please, don't make me go through this again." - Lwaxana Troi
"Now hold on to him. Don't let him run off." - Cmdr. Ian Troi
"I will. Mommy, can we go play by the water?" - Kestra
"No, Kestra, stay here with us." - Lwaxana Troi
"Please." - Kestra

"I remember the day I took this." - Lwaxana Troi
"Mr. Homn said he saved it, in case someday you wanted to remember her." - Counselor Troi
"I wish you could have known her, Deanna. I wish you two could've grown up together." - Lwaxana Troi
"Tell me about her. I want to know everything." - Counselor Troi

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