Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Deep Space Nine: Season One

One season of DS9 down. There were some highlights of this season but it definitely doesn't start strong. Most people attribute the great episodes to later seasons with the war against the Dominion. I feel the biggest difference between DS9 and it's predecessors TOS and TNG is that in the other two the captain was the main character with the show revolving around his decisions.

In DS9, while Commander Sisko is still the leader of the station, I find there are a lot more stories that are detached from the strict military ranking system. Characters like Quark and his brother Rom. Or Constable Odo, a shapeshifter who doesn't know where he came from. The religious aspects of the Bajoran people but also the Cardassian occupation.

Looking back to this series, my favorite characters was Quark and Doctor Bashir. While Quark is a favorite this season, the Doctor doesn't really shine yet. He starts to have some interactions with Garek, which hints at some great episodes to come.

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