Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Descent, Part II

TNG Season 7 Episode 1
Air Date: September 20th, 1993

Lore and Data, brothers working together. We learn that Lore has been experimenting with the Borg trying to create more artificial life. But instead of creating a positronic net like his and Data's he is trying to replace neurons in organic life with machine replicas. His experiments with the Borg go poorly so he decides to try to use Lt. Cmdr. La Forge's visor implant as another way to do the change. While Geordi undergoes "treatment", Captain Picard and Counselor Troi try to create a device that will restart Data's ethical program.

Meanwhile Cmdr. Riker and Lt. Worf remain on the planet to search for the captain's team telling the Enterprise to leave orbit and get away from the attacking Borg. They eventually find Hugh leading a resistance force and convince him to help them rescue his friend Geordi. They arrive just in time to stop Lore from killing Picard. Lore tries to escape but Data ends up disabling him and ultimately disassembling him.

The Enterprise itself was playing a cat and mouse game with the Borg ship. Doctor Crusher was left in command and was able to use the metaphasic shielding technology to hide the Enterprise in a nearby star and using a solar flare to destroy the perusing Borg ship.


"Data, all I'm sensing from you is anger and hatred. Have you felt any other emotions?" - Counselor Troi
"There are no other emotions." - Lt. Cmdr. Data

"The reign of biological life forms is coming to an end. You, Picard, and those like you, are obsolete!" - Lore

"I, love you, brother." - Lore
"Goodbye, Lore." - Lt. Cmdr. Data

"I am pleased to say it was damaged when I was forced to fire on Lore." - Lt. Cmdr. Data
"Pleased? Data, you've wanted emotions your whole life." - Lt. Cmdr. La Forge
"Yes. But emotions were responsible for what I did to you. I would never risk letting that happen again. My friendship with you is too important to me." - Lt. Cmdr. Data
"Data, I wouldn't be very much of a friend if I let you give up on a lifelong dream, now would I? Maybe someday, when you're ready." - Lt. Cmdr. La Forge

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