Friday, June 14, 2019


TNG Season 7 Episode 3
Air Date: October 4th, 1993

Lt. Cmdr. La Forge is testing a new probe that is able to interface directly with his visor allowing him to see, feel what the probe sees and he can control the movement of the probe as easy as it is to walk. While learning to use the probe's interface, he gets bad news that the ship his mother captains has disappeared and most likely is destroyed.

Meanwhile the Enterprise receives a distress call from the USS Raman caught in the upper atmosphere of a gas giant. They decide to use the probe to see if they can rescue the ship but find everyone on board dead. But La Forge sees his mother on the ship. He becomes convinced that her ship is trapped deeper in the gas giant and tries to rescue her, even against his captains orders.

It turns out that the vision of his mother was actually an alien that lives in the gas giant that got trapped on the USS Raman. La Forge moves the ship lower in the atmosphere to let them escape.


"I was just passing by. I was wondering what you were up to." - Lt. Cmdr. La Forge
"I am using the time to catch up on my study of poetry." - Lt. Cmdr. Data
"Data, there's nothing on the screen." - Lt. Cmdr. La Forge

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