Saturday, June 15, 2019

Invasive Procedures

DS9 Season 2 Episode 4
Air Date: October 174th, 1993

Deep Space Nine is evacuated during a plasma storm and left with a skeleton crew. During this time, a ship shows up, attacks and takes over the station. The goal, to take the symbiont Dax and put it in a Trill host named Verad. Verad had failed in his training to be joined and wanted the Dax symbiont. Once Verad has the Dax symbiont, Cmdr. Sisko uses his knowledge of Dax to distract him while Quark is able to free Odo who stops them from escaping. Dax is returned to Jadzia.

Tim Russ who is known as Lt. Tuvok in Star Trek Voyager played a Klingon and John Glover played Verad.


"I know, I know. He couldn't find a cup of water if you dropped him in a lake, but even if he is an idiot, he's still my brother." - Quark
"And you'd betray him in a second if it suited your interests." - Const. Odo
"That doesn't mean I don't love him." - Quark

"We are still friends, aren't we, Benjamin?

"I hope so. Come with me down to the infirmary and prove it." - Cmdr. Sisko
"I can't do that." - Verad Dax
"Then you're not the Dax that I know. Our friendship is over!" - Cmdr. Sisko

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