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DS9 Season 2 Episode 6
Air Date: October 31st, 1993

Ensign Melora, a stellar cartographer arrives on DS9 but she has special requirements. She is the first of her species to leave her home planet, mostly due to the gravitational differences. Her planet has a very low gravitational pull so she requires a special chair and her quarters needs to have the gravity plating disabled.

Doctor Bashir takes a liking to her and tries to get around her emotional defenses. She believes in depending on nobody even with her difficulties, which throughout the episode does have an affect on her. Bashir comes up with a medical procedure that is able to enhance Malora's muscles, but it means she would never be able to go home again. She takes the first round of treatments but in the end realizes that the prices is too high.

A subplot of the episode revolves around Fallit Kot who threatens to kill Quark. Quark had been the reason he went to prison years ago and now that he is out he wants revenge. But Quark offers him a deal that will make him a lot of money. Kot agrees but uses it as a ploy to kidnap Quark. In the end, Malora is able to disable the gravity on the ship Kot and Quark took and is able to defeat Kot.

Rules of Acquisition

Rule 16: A deal is a deal.


"There's nothing worse than half-dead racht." - Malora

"I suggest you carry a combadge with you at all times. Call me at the first sign of trouble." - Const. Odo
"What if the first sign is the last sign?" - Quark
"You people sell pieces of yourself after you die, don't you?" - Const. Odo
"Yes." - Quark
"I'll buy one." - Const. Odo

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