Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Forsaken

DS9 Season 1 Episode 16
Air Date: May 23rd, 1993

A probe comes through the wormhole while a delegation of Federation ambassadors are visiting, including Lwaxana Troi, daughter of the Fifth House, holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed. When they scan the probe, it downloads a program into DS9's computer. The crew is unaware of this but the station starts suffering failures and Chief O'Brien suspects it is trying to keep his attention much like a child or puppy would. Once confirmed, they attempt to find a way to get the program off the computer with little success. O'Brien finally figures out the best way to deal with it is to put it in a figurative dog house.

While all this is happening, Lwaxana gets infatuated with Odo and they end up stuck in a turbolift for hours. Normally I find episodes with Lwaxana hard to watch, but in this one we learn more about who she really is, not the facade she wears.


"Quark has plenty of reason to feel guilty, but he usually doesn't have to resort to petty theft to fleece his clients." - Const. Odo
"Thank you." - Quark

"Constable, you can handle thieves and killers, but not one Betazoid woman?" - Cmdr. Sisko
"I understand thieves and killers. I don't understand, her." - Const. Odo

"Frankly, in my humble opinion, most of you humanoids spend far too much time on your respective mating rituals." - Const. Odo
"It does help the procreation of one's species." - Cmdr. Sisko
"Procreation does not require changing how you smell, or writing bad poetry, or sacrificing various plants to serve as tokens of affection." - Const. Odo

"My daughter and I were once trapped aboard a Ferengi cargo ship, and it was dreadful. Well, all right, it wasn't actually dreadful. It was mildly lamentable, and it was all because of that loathsome DaiMon. Well, actually he wasn't altogether loathsome. He was just slightly repulsive. But he did have a certain charm, in an insufferable kind of way. Of course, he was totally at the mercy of his uncontrollable passion for me, which means he wasn't all bad, now, doesn't it? You know it wasn't all passion. There was some negligible commercial interest involved. But, oh, the passion, oh, that was perfectly real, and kind of, um, kind of sweet in a way. He was so helpless. At first it was totally a question of expediency when I made love with him." - Lwaxana

"No one's ever seen me like this." - Lwaxana
"Why? It looks fine." - Const. Odo
"It looks ordinary. I've never cared to be ordinary. So you see, Odo, even we non-shapeshifters have to change who we are once in a while." - Lwaxana
"You are not at all what I expected." - Const. Odo
"No one's ever paid me a greater compliment." - Lwaxana Troi

"How did you beat that thing in the computer, Chief?" - Cmdr. Sisko
"I didn't." - Chief O'Brien
"He adopted it." - Lt. Dax
"Adopted it?" - Cmdr. Sisko
"I was able to get our friend out of the main command pathways and into a sub-program." - Chief O'Brien
"You're suggesting we leave it in there?" - Chief O'Brien
"I don't see why not. It's happy. It's not bothering us any more. It seems the humane thing to do." - Chief O'Brien
"It's just another new life form visiting the station." - Lt. Dax
"I'll take care of it, make sure it gets enough attention and all." - Chief O'Brien
"Keep it off the furniture." - Cmdr. Sisko

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