Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Homecoming

DS9 Season 2 Episode 1
Air Date: September 26th, 1993

The season premier of the DS9 and the first of a three part episode. Quark receives an earring from a freighter captain he has a relationship with and gives it to Major Kira (odd for Quark to do something for free). The earring belongs to Li Nalas, a Bajoran hero during the Cardassian occupation who was believed to be dead. She learns that he is alive and in a Cardassian mining planet. She mounts a rescue mission and brings him back to Bajor.

Meanwhile, tension between Bajor and the Federation rises with a new Bajoran faction vandalizing parts of the station, known as the Circle. When Nalas returns, he just wants to disappear. He explains to Cmdr. Sisko that his heroism is overrated. But none the less, the Bajoran provisional government decides to give him a new made up title of Navarch and makes him the new Bajoran liason officer to the Federation, relieving Major Kira of her post.

Rules of Acquisition

Rule 76: "Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies."


"One for you and six for me, one for you and six for me. Would you stop looking so glum? Pay day is supposed to be a time of joy!" - Quark
"I know, brother. But every week it's the same thing. Six for you and only one for me. It's not fair!" - Rom
"You're right." - Quark
"I am?" - Rom
"Yes. It's not fair." - Quark
"It's not?" - Rom
"Absolutely not! One for you, and seven for me." - Quark

"Really Odo, sometimes I think there's no pleasing you! I help you crack a notorious smuggling ring, and yet you still insist on treating me like the enemy?" - Quark
"You are the enemy." - Const. Odo

"We made our way to a ridge overlooking a small lake. As I was the only one still carrying a phaser, I went on ahead to scout for the enemy. Halfway down the embankment, I slipped, went sprawling on my back down to the edge of the lake, just as a huge Cardassian emerged from the water. He must have just finished bathing. He stood there, frozen in surprise, dressed only in his underwear, shivering in the cold. I lay there, looking up at him, too stunned to even move, and it was only when he reached for a phaser rifle that was lying across his clothes on a nearby rock, that I realized that I was still holding my own phaser, and I shot him. His body fell on top of me, and that's how my companions found us a moment later. Soon every victory won by the resistance was attributed to my leadership. Stories of my brilliance, my daring, my courage, grew more and more unbelievable; yet the people insisted on believing them. My reputation even followed me into the labor camp, where my mere presence seemed to inspire my fellow prisoners. And I had done nothing, but shoot an unarmed Cardassian in his underwear! I'll never forget the look on his face when he died . He was so, embarrassed." - Nalas
"I saw you, in front of the crowd on the promenade. They look at you, and they see strength, and honor, and decency. They look at you and they see the best in themselves." - Cmdr. Sisko
"But it's all based on a lie." - Li Nalas
"No, it's based on a legend. And legends are as powerful as any truth." - Cmdr. Sisko

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