Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Passenger

DS9 Season 1 Episode 8
Air Date: February 21st, 1993

Major Kira and Doctor Bashir respond to a distress call from a Kobliad transport ship. When they arrive, only two are left alive, a security officer and a prisoner being transported. The prisoner was almost dead so Doctor Bashir tries to help but in the process the prisoner Rao Vantika transfers his memories into Bashir then dies.

The security officer Ty Kajada doesn't believe he is dead though since he has escaped death before. And things start happening on the station that supports her belief. Vantika was originally trying to get to DS9 to intercept a shipment of deuridium that was needed by the Kobliad poeple. Only now Doctor Bashir is the one trying to steal the deuridium.

Lt. Dax eventually figures out how Vantika was able to do all this from beyond the grave and barely is able to stop Bashir from escaping with the deuridium. She finds a way to disrupt Vantika's brain patterns killing him for good (or did she).


"I've never seen anything like that." - Major Kira
"Hm?" - Doctor Bashir
"I've never seen anything like that." - Major Kira
"What, the woman?" - Doctor Bashir
"She was dead! The tricorder clearly showed" - Major Kira
"Ah yes, well, tricorders. Very accurate with live people, not so accurate with dead ones. We learn that first year medical school." - Doctor Bashir

"Fate has granted me a gift, Major. A gift to be a healer." - Doctor Bashir
"I feel privileged to be in your presence." - Major Kira

"Every man on the station would like to be buying her a raktajino." - Odo
"Ah, but I'm the one with the raktajino machine." - Quark

"It's good to want things." - Quark
"Even things you can't have?" - Odo
"Especially things I can't have." - Quark

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