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The Storyteller

DS9 Season 1 Episode 13
Air Date: May 2nd, 1993

Doctor Bashir and Chief O'Brien are called to a village on Bajor which is having a medical emergency that can lead to the death of the entire village. When they arrive they find out that one elderly man is dying and that he tells Chief O'Brien that he has to take his place as the Sirah, a story teller.

Once a year for 5 days a creature attacks the village and tell a story of the village fighting and winning against the creature causes the creature to be defeated. It is the 4th day and the Sirah falters and calls on O'Brien to take over. He tells the story and the creature retreats. But O'Brien doesn't want to be the Sirah. That night the Sirah dies and the next day O'Brien tries to play his part but fails. The creature advances and the old Sirah's apprentice steps up and takes over as Sirah. It turns out the old Sirah was using O'Brien to show the his apprentice that he can do it.

On the station, Cmdr. Sisko is hosting a land dispute between two Bajoran states and one of the states is led by a teenager. When she arrives on the station, Nog sees her and gets infatuated and spends the episode trying to impress her. He does get a kiss on the cheek as she leaves the station.

Rules of Acquisition

Rule 9: "Opportunity plus instinct equals profit."


"The Dal'Rok wakes. But we are ready. In the shadow of the night, he hungers. With a hatred of the ancients, he rages. From the twisted pit of chaos, he approaches. The Dal'Rok's anger is like a wave crashing down on the village. The weight of its fury threatens to crush us all. The Dal'Rok thinks the village is powerless to defend itself. But the Dal'Rok is mistaken. The village is strong, much stronger than the Dal'Rok can ever imagine. With our strength, our unity, we shall drive the Dal'Rok. The village shall not be destroyed. Despite our fears, we stand our ground and face the Dal'Rok. The village is strong. More powerful than the Dal'Rok. Together, we use that power to drive it away. The Dal'Rok is defeated. The village is safe." - Sirah

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