Sunday, June 23, 2019

Week Twenty Five

June 16th - June 22nd

Being behind by so much I have decided to focus on watching the content over writing about it, at least until I catch up. So this weekly summary was written in September. But regardless of the written part, I have still been watching 2-3 episodes a day.

This week I was able to get through 16 episodes.


Phantasms: Data starts having dreams. Fun episode, though at times kind of weird.
Dark Page: Lwaxana Troi is on a diplomatic mission when she starts suffering a form of mental breakdown, and the reason is heartbreaking. Kirsten Dunst guest stars in the episode.
Rules of Acquisition: Introduction of Grand Negus Zek, portrayed by Shawn Wallace (inconceivable).
Inheritance: Data meets Dr. Noonian Soong's wife, effectively his mother.
Sanctuary: A nomadic people from the gamma quadrant show up looking to settle on Bajor.
Parallels: Worf "slides" between alternate realities.
Rivals: An El-Aurian (same species as Guinan) shows up to compete with Quark, and changes the luck of the entire station.
The Pegasus: A mystery is revealed about Riker's first assignment.

Red Shirts

No identifiable fatalities this week.


TNG S7E6: Phantasms
DS9 S2E6: Melora
TNG S7E7: Dark Page
DS9 S2E7: Rules of Acquisition
TNG S7E8: Attached
DS9 S2E8: Necessary Evil
TNG S7E9: Force of Nature
DS9 S2E9: Second Sight
TNG S7E10: Inheritance
DS9 S2E10: Sanctuary
TNG S7E11: Parallels
DS9 S2E11: Rivals
DS9 S2E12: The Alternate
TNG S7E12: The Pegasus
TNG S7E13: Homeward
DS9 S2E13: Armageddon Game

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