Sunday, June 16, 2019

Week Twenty Four

June 9th - June 15th

This was a good week for watching, but a bad week for writing my blog posts on the episode. I was able to get through 20 episodes. I finished both Season 6 of The Next Generation and Season 1 of Deep Space Nine.


If Wishes Were Horses: Aliens appear on DS9 appearing as characters from people's imagination.
Rightful Heir: The return of Kahless.
Second Chances: Cmdr. Riker has a doppelganger.
Duet: A Cardassian war criminal is captured, but there is more then meets the eye.
Timescape: The Enterprise gets trapped in a time bubble.
In the Hands of the Prophets: The finale of season 1.
Descent: Lore leads the Borg who are now individuals thanks to Hugh.
The Homecoming, The Circle and The Siege: Three part season premier of DS9. Develops story lines that will be important for the rest of the series regarding Bajoran politic

Red Shirts

5 people died in episodes this week, most in the episode with the Borg. They all wore gold uniforms.


TNG S6E22: Suspicions
DS9 S1E15: If Wishes Were Horses
TNG S6E23: Rightful Heir
DS9 S1E16: The Forsaken
TNG S6E24: Second Chances
DS9 S1E17: Dramatis Personae
DS9 S1E18: Duet
TNG S6E25: Timescape
DS9 S1E19: In the Hands of the Prophets
TNG S6E26: Descent, Part I
TNG S7E1: Descent, Part II
DS9 S2E1: The Homecoming
TNG S7E2: Liaisons
DS9 S2E2: The Circle
TNG S7E3: Interface
DS9 S2E3: The Siege
TNG S7E4 & S7E5: Gambit
DS9 S2E4: Invasive Procedures
DS9 S2E5: Cardassians

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