Sunday, June 30, 2019

Week Twenty Six

June 23rd - June 29th

Caught up one more day this week. Watched 17 episodes, 5 of which are in my recommendation list (less then usual). There were some episodes where I feel are some of Star Trek's worse, like Sub Rosa where Doctor Crusher gets involved with a ghost, Masks where Data gets possessed by a ghost and Journey's End where Wesley Crusher continues to be annoying.


Whispers: Returning from the gamma quadrant, Chief O'Brien notices that everyone on the station is conspiring against him.
Lower Decks: A story about four junior officers trying to get promoted to the helm position. The inspiration for the upcoming animated comedy by the same name.
Shadow Play: Dax and Odo visit a planet in the gamma quadrant and help in an investigation on why people are disappearing.
Genesis: The crew of the Enterprise begin de-evolving. The episode is ok, but worth watching for suspense.
The Maquis: A terrorist organization the Maquis forms in the demilitarized zone to try to remove the Cardasian presence.

Red Shirts

This week 3 gold shirts died. This includes ensign Sito Jaxa who first was on the episode First Duty where Wesley Crusher and his squad mates were being questioned about the death during a flight exercise. Even with this strike on her record, Captain Picard still accepted her onto the Enterprise. She died during a covert mission into Cardassian space.

One red shirt died too. We see it in the episode Genesis when Captain Picard and Lt. Cmdr. Data return to the enterprise to find everyone de-evolving.


TNG S7E14: Sub Rosa
DS9 S2E14: Whispers
TNG S7E15: Lower Decks
DS9 S2E15: Paradise
TNG S7E16: Thine Own Self
DS9 S2E16: Shadowplay
TNG S7E17: Masks
DS9 S2E17: Playing God
TNG S7E18: Eye of the Beholder
DS9 S2E18: Profit and Loss
TNG S7E19: Genesis
DS9 S2E19: Blood Oath
TNG S7E20: Journey's End
DS9 S2E20: The Maquis, Part I
TNG S7E21: Firstborn
DS9 S2E21: The Maquis, Part II
TNG S7E22: Bloodlines

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