Sunday, June 9, 2019

Week Twenty Three

June 2nd - June 8th

I fell behind this week which is a bit frustrating. I was out of town for a day to go to see Galaxies Edge at Disneyland which was a lot of fun. Saturday is usually my catch up day but I had two hockey games in the afternoon which took that time. So I was only able to watch 9 episodes this week. Next week I hope to get through a 20+ episode week to make up for this week.


The Nagus: Quark becomes the Grand Nagus for a day
Starship Mine: While the Enterprise is having it's baryon sweep, pirates try to steel trilithium resin.
Lessons: Picard enters a relationship with the leader of the stellar cartography.
The Chase: Picard chases down the origin of all intelligent life in the galaxy.
The Storyteller: O'Brien is given the responsibility of defending a Bajoran village by telling stories.
Frame of Mine: Riker acts in a play that becomes reality.


DS9 S1E10: The Nagus
TNG S6E18: Starship Mine
TNG S6E19: Lessons
DS9 S1E11: Vortex
DS9 S1E12: Battle Lines
TNG S6E20: The Chase
DS9 S1E13: The Storyteller
TNG S6E21: Frame of Mind
DS9 S1E14: Progress

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