Sunday, June 2, 2019

Week Twenty Two

May 26th - June 1st

This week I got to start watching Deep Space Nine. I always remembered DS9 getting good after Worf joined the series, but like TNG's first few seasons, there are some really good episodes. The first three episodes were a bit dry but the next 3 or 4 are some of my more memorable episodes.

I was able to watch 17 episodes this week (3 of them where two parters), which allowed me to catch up one day. Since there are 30 more weeks left in the year, I need to keep this pace up to make the goal.


Chain of Command: Picard leads a stealth team onto a Cardassian facility where he is captured and tortured.
Emissary: Series premier of Deep Space Nine where they discover the wormhole to the gamma quadrant.
Babel: DS9 is infected with a virus that makes people lose their ability to communicate.
Ship in a Bottle: The resolution to the professor Moriarty hologram from season 1.
Q-Less: Vash is found in the gamma quadrant and is brought to DS9. Q's one and only DS9 episode.
Tapestry: Picard dies due to his mechanical heart malfunction and Q takes him back in time to prevent him needing said heart.
Birthright: Data starts dreaming. Worf finds out his father might still be alive and seeks out a Romulan prison for survivors of the Khitomer massacre.
Move Along Home: Sisko, Kira, Dax and Bashir get put in a Wadi game.

Red Shirts

The first episode of DS9 shows the battle between the Federation fleet at Wolf 359 and the Borg cube and we see 5 crew die on screen. One other episode also had a death, not on screen but I was able to verify the uniform color. The tally is 3 Red, 1 Blue and 2 Gold.


TNG S6E10 & S6E11: Chain of Command
DS9 S1E1: Emissary
DS9 S1E2: Past Prologue
DS9 S1E3: A Man Alone
DS9 S1E4: Babel
TNG S6E12: Ship in a Bottle
DS9 S1E5: Captive Pursuit
TNG S6E13: Aquiel
DS9 S1E6: Q-Less
TNG S6E14: Face of the Enemy
DS9 S1E7: Dax
TNG S6E15: Tapestry
DS9 S1E8: The Passenger
TNG S6E16 & S6E17: Birthright
DS9 S1E9: Move Along Home

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